Solution Anneal

Solution annealing is a process that reduces the hardness of a metal. It is typically performed during manufacturing to make the metal more workable and easier to shape. In order to perform solution annealing, a metal is heated to a specific temperature then quenched immediately after. After the metal goes through this process, its molecular structure rearranges and causes the metal to become less hard. It is important for a metal to be less hard during manufacturing to make sure it will not break when being shaped. At S&P Heat Treating, we provide solution annealing services for an array of metals, with the most common being on stainless steel to make it more corrosion resistant. Our specialty is bright solution annealing.

Our facility can handle any sized production needed for your company. For more information about our solution annealing process, or to receive a free quote, contact us or call Mike Rapoza today. We will be able to advise you with which services are best for your products.

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