About Our Company

Arvind Patel - President and Metallurgist

S&P Heat Treating, Inc. was a vision derived from a metallurgist’s dream to build a company with the most precise and state of the art scientific approach to improving the properties of metal components. Mr. Patel received his Masters in Metallurgical Engineering from the University of Youngstown, Ohio in 1972. Mr. Patel exhibited an unsurpassed commitment to excellence in education which led him to be selected to conduct an extensive research project for the nuclear industry. He participated in research sponsored by General Electric Corporation and Massachusetts Institute of Technology involving irradiation behavior of nickel alloys in high temperature nuclear environments.

In the year 1974, Mr. Patel had an extremely humble beginning in the field of heat treating metals. After completing the research he accepted a position as a furnace operator in a very, small company. His journey began in the world of heat treating by working at Advanced Heat-Treat Corporation in Lowell, Massachusetts. This hands on experience opened many doors to higher level positions with larger corporations. Mr. Patel moved on to hold positions at Tri-City Heat-Treat Company in Illinois, the Rochester Products Division of General Motors in New York, and as chief metallurgist for the Stanley Tools Corporation in Rhode Island. Simultaneously, with his position at Stanley Tools and in the beginning years of S&P, Mr. Patel also held a part time teaching position in Basic Metallurgy during the years 1982-1989 at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island.

In turn, his fifteen years of persistent hands on experience in the field of heat treating led him to opportunities such as publishing magazine articles on issues like the case hardening process, troubleshooting metallurgical problems related to the heat treating of metals, machining, stamping, the form casting of various materials such as steels, stainless steels, brass, aluminum, precipitation type stainless, and many more.

After working for small and large companies, Mr. Patel decided to put his devoted years of professional and technical experience for others to work by starting his own heat treating company. In the year 1986, S&P Heat Treating Incorporated was born. S&P started offering heat treating and metallurgy consulting services in a small rental building on Vermont Avenue in Warwick, Rhode Island. After several years of unwavering determination and perseverance, S&P is a successful small business in 3 buildings on Dewey Avenue in Warwick and now services customers all across America.

Over the past ten years, Mr. Patel and his team have succeeded in securing the prestigious ISO-9001:2008, and are Automotive, Nuclear, and Military approved. Mr. Patel has gained a great appreciation for the science of metallurgy and the process of heat treating through his experience of being a professor of metallurgy for over 8 years. It is this appreciation that has allowed Mr. Patel to offer a scientific approach to the heat treating process while at the same time offering a superior end product to his customers. This approach has allowed him to build S&P into one of the fastest growing, financially stable small businesses in New England.

S&P Heat Treating, Inc. is celebrating years in business and Mr. Patel strives to have a global reach with a personal touch.

Mike Rapoza - Vice President

Mr. Rapoza has worked in the heat treating field for over years. He has worked his way through the ranks and has hands on experience with each and every part of the heat treating process. This U.S. Air Force Veteran has become known in the industry for getting jobs done on time and with superb quality. Mr. Rapoza has held numerous positions in the industry including running the heat treat operation at Reed-Rico in Bristol Rhode Island.