Metal Carbonitriding

Carbonitriding is one of the many surface hardening processes we perform at S&P Heat Treating. Similar to case hardening, carbonitriding creates a hard outer case over the surface of the metal that is highly resistant to wear. To achieve a successful carbonitriding of the metal, a number of carbon and nitrogen atoms must be infused to the surface.

Typically, surface hardening is used to protect metal parts exposed to a lot of wear, such as gears and pistons. We have the latest technology and furnaces that can perform this process quickly without sacrificing quality. With our years of experience, S&P Heat Treating can fulfill your metal surface hardening requirements accurately, and within budget.

To learn more about carbonitriding and see if it is appropriate for your metal items, or for more information about our capacities for surface hardening, contact S&P Heat Treating today. We look forward to assisting you and answering any questions you may have about our processes. Call Mike Rapoza today.

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