Metal Hardening

At S&P Heat Treating, we offer a range of metal hardening services. There are a number of different methods to harden metals, and each has a slightly different output to achieve the required specification. The metal hardening process is done through heating metal to a high temperature and then quickly cooling it. This causes the metals molecules to rearrange making the metal stronger and more durable. This fast cooling process, also called quenching, can be performed in water, oil, or other liquids.

Our metal hardening services can greatly increase the life of the metal and keep it from breaking easily. Our facility has an array equipment to handle small to large sized production runs. Our quality control department will test and verify that the parts meet specification as well as our standards for quality before it is shipped.

For more information about our metal hardening services, contact us or call Mike Rapoza today. We will review your specifications and provide you with a quote at no cost.

We proudly serve our customers in the states of Rhode Island ( RI ), Massachusetts ( MA ), Connecticut ( CT ), New Hampshire ( NH ), and throughout the USA.