Metal Annealing

Here at S&P Heat Treating, we use the finest machines and processes for our steel annealing services. The annealing process is typically used to increase the ductility of a metal to make it more workable. In turn, annealing also lowers the hardness of the metal. Heating metal to a high temperature and then letting it cool slowly is how the process of steel annealing works.

We have the capability to bright anneal different types of metals for our customers. Our staff has the experience to create the exact process specified accurately and in a timely manner. There are a number of different methods for steel annealing used depending on the material and specifications desired. If necessary, our staff will be able to assist you in the choosing the correct methods for your products.

To learn more about our steel annealing services offered at S&P Heat Treating, contact us or call Mike Rapoza today. Our friendly staff will answer any questions and be happy to provide you with a complimentary quote on your next annealing project.

We proudly serve our customers in the states of Rhode Island ( RI ), Massachusetts ( MA ), Connecticut ( CT ), New Hampshire ( NH ), and throughout the USA.